146 / "With and for Others"

Developing Ricoeur's ethic of self using Aquinas's language of analogy

Amy Daughton

2016 296 pages, paperback

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This book takes up the question of intercultural encounter as one of the paramount ethical issues in the world today.  It is critical that we understand the dynamics of these encounters with other people, cultures and histories.  By itself offering an engagement with multiple traditions of ethical reasoning, the book reconstructs Ricoeur’s hermeneutics of self and Aquinas’s approach to reasoning about otherness as a challenge to contemporary philosophical assumptions about the individualistic human person. It ultimately aims to furnish resources for models of social cohesion that can address the tensions of plural societies.


Dr Amy Daughton is Director of Studies at the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge, and Affiliated Lecturer with the Divinity Faculty, University of Cambridge.  She completed her doctoral work on Ricoeur and Aquinas at Trinity College Dublin where she was an IRCHSS Government of Ireland Scholar and a Long Room Hub Postgraduate Fellow.